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begin a new life

Your way to a meaningful, fulfilling task

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Career change

How do I shape a career change when I am 45 plus and how can this reorientation succeed, how do I deal with prejudices and external evaluations in this change process.

Returning to work

How can I organize my return to work after a period of maternity leave or illness and what steps do I take actively .


How do I deal with stressful situations and exhaustion, how do I deal with crisis situations and setbacks in professional life.

Life Coaching

Your way to more clarity

As an experienced coach, I accompany people from business and socially oriented professions in older working age. I accompany you as a dialogue partner, especially on deeper questions of values ​​or self-encouragement in professional life, on the WAY to a new meaningful and fulfilling task.

Your Benefit

Your partner for professional coaching

regain decision-making power.

Harmony with your own lifestyle.

A new fulfilling and meaningful professional task…

To begin a new life

Become an active designer of your life!

You are looking for a coach and psychosocial consultant who is sensitive to your topic with head and heart and sometimes also relies on his gut feeling. For whom sustainability and structure are just as important as empathy and encouragement for his clients. You are looking for a consultant for discussions, in life situations of professional reorientation, in insecurity or difficult change processes. I invite you to visit my consulting rooms…

1:1 Coaching

My inspiring training courses and lectures support managers, employees, private individuals and teams in discovering and exploiting their own potential. You will also learn how to communicate better. Last but not least, it is about a relaxed life: Resilient people are better protected against burn-out.

You may also be looking for more purpose, passion and self-efficacy. You want to change your life and develop, but something stands in your way. And there is a lack of drive and joy.

In coaching I support you to find what you are looking for. You will learn more about yourself, your motives and goals, and get to know yourself very well – self-knowledge is both a goal and a „by-product“ of personal growth.


Gruppen Coaching

If a coach works alone, the size of the group being coached should ideally be between 6 and 12, and in no case more than 15 people, so that the coach is not overwhelmed and can do justice to all group members. Larger groups can therefore either only be advised by several coaches or be divided into smaller sub-groups.

Topics of the lecture or seminar:

Who am I and who could I be? Unleash your best version of yourself.
Empower yourself! Discover the strongest power in you: your own.
Mental Strength: The power of thought and imagination


Live light, relaxed and satisfied instead of stressed and under pressure

Are you looking for answers, for clarification and reflection so that you can change something in your life and make it better? Do you want to find out what really matters to you and who you want to be as a person? Do you wish for more ease and self-efficacy in your life? Or would you like to find your inner compass that will help you make decisions more easily?

Live light, relaxed and satisfied instead

How about feeling enthusiasm and creativity instead of constant pressure and stress? How about being in tune with yourself? Develop your inner compass in coaching , which will show you the way in difficult times and when making important decisions. Live easy and relaxed, even if life doesn’t always live up to your expectations.

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